A huge Thank You to YOU!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week – we hope you are able to connect with your students and parents and they show you how much they care. It’s a tough time for teachers right now – being asked to change the way you teach while still staying connected to your students (who are not in the classroom). Thank you for being a strong and amazing presence in your students lives.

Thank you!

Distance Learning and Music Workshop

Wow, what a difference a month makes. In the last newsletter I was talking about preparing for spring break and now we are in the middle of a chaotic historical event.

We hear from many of you that you are being asked to create distance learning on the fly – it’s a challenge.

In an effort to make our program as accessible as possible we have created the Virtual Learning Center. Learn more below about the changes and materials available.

February is Black History Month

If you are looking for a great lesson for Black History Month check out:
Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Birth of Rock n’ Roll.

Our rich musical lives would not be the same without these
incredible genres and musicians.
Music is for Everyone!

Music in Life Lesson

This month we wanted to share thoughts on why the Music in Life Lesson is such an important part of the Music Workshop program. In fact, it is one of the most important elements of the Music Workshop program.

Active listening, listening with intent and no distractions, is an important component in learning, life and a valuable “soft skill” like problem solving, leadership or teamwork. Like any skill, it takes practice and effort, and music class is a great place to teach this to students. Active listening to music is key to being a better musician, producer or music composer. It also increases our enjoyment of music.

Young students today live in a world of visuals and screens that we could not have even comprehended. Taking a moment during all the information of a Music Workshop course to quietly and purposefully engage with what the music makes you feel, think and experience is vital to understanding that music is a profoundly personal experience.

An added bonus for this activity? There is no right or wrong answer to questions such as “What color did the song make you think of?” and that allows EVERY child to answer and share without feeling anxious about being correct. I find it to be the best way to get the students who rarely, if ever, talk in class to speak up.

I hope we can help the students embrace the Music in Life lesson –
good luck and have fun!

A big THANK YOU to Kathleen Theisen in Connecticut! She sang our praises in a Facebook Group and we raked in an astounding 200 schools over a weekend. Amazing! We were so pleased we sent her a $50 Amazon gift card as a thanks.
You are a rock star, Kathleen!

Grammy Education Coalition

Did you see us in their newsletter and social media? We got to talk with them about inspiring students through innovative music education. Check it out!

We were honored to be a part of Teaching Music Magazine from NafMe. Help us spread the word about Music Workshop to teachers everywhere!
Music is for Everyone – and so is Music Workshop!


Idea for the Month

It’s a new calendar year, a new decade too! Are you starting a new unit? If so, a Music Workshop course is a great supplement or introduction. Are you starting keyboards? Our Piano course is an exciting starting point. Starting a unit on recorders – our Woodwinds course highlights all sorts of Woodwind Instruments including the recorder, inspiring students along the way! Bucket Drums – our Percussion course! Or Sections of the Orchestra – we have courses on Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion. Our genres series courses can be used to tie into a variety of units. And our Careers in Music courses are so interesting and inspirational to students teaching them that they don’t have to be a rock star to have a career in music. And looking forward, our Jazz and R&B courses are a perfect fit for Black History Month. So many options, we hope that you will find one that works best for your and your students.

Update your Account

Have you visited Music Workshop’s website since August? If you have, your account information has been updated on our new platform – Well Done! If you have not checked us out recently, please click here to log on and verify your account. Don’t lose access to this free resource! And while you are there, check out our new platform, updates and new programming. Music Workshop is here to help you inspire, educate and motivate your students with new, exciting lessons. Thank you for all you do for your students – you are our hero!

Our Next Course

Our next course is about the music and musical traditions of Latin America. Students will experience an exciting travel itinerary as we fly on our musical jet to the many countries in Latin America. This course will highlight the music styles and instruments from Mexico to the Caribbean to Central America and then down to South America. We have amazing music and facts swirling around our heads. One of our favorites? Being introduced to an incredible instrument from Belize that is made from the jawbone of a Donkey. Here is a link to a great introduction to this very unique instrument with a lovely sound. We plan to launch this course by the end of April.

Music Workshop Superstar

Thank you to our Music Workshop superstars this month – YOU! We finished the year (and decade) by hitting a milestone – 700 likes of our Music Workshop Facebook Page. Facebook has been an invaluable resource, helping us get the word out to music teachers that Music Workshop offers a high-quality resource to music teachers for FREE! Thank you all for being a part of the Music Workshop family and especially to those who have reached out and liked and supported us on social media. Your support helps us to connect with more music teachers letting them know we are here to help. Please continue to share the news about Music Workshop to your fellow music teachers. Music is for Everyone!

As always, we need your help to share the news about this program to music teachers everywhere. Like our page on Facebook or follow us on instagram, twitter or pinterest. Or, in person to the other music teachers in your district. We find great success in teachers discovering us when you share your Music Workshop stories/experiences with your fellow teachers (in person and online). Please take the time to spread the word about Music Workshop. It’s free, and it’s for YOU!

Music Workshop Fun Fact

We are growing! As you may know, in the Music Workshop office are two Amys. This month, we have brought on new blood – and names! John is our new Office Coordinator – he graduated from Lewis & Clark College three years ago and we are so excited about his energy and skills. We have also welcomed a new assistant editor to help us get our existing Music Workshop courses all up to snuff. As you can imagine, now that we have been honing our content creation skills for seven years we have changed and improved our programming. Divonna will be helping to get all the videos to up to current standards including updating our vernacular to gender neutral language. We welcome both with open arms!


“Thank you for being a part of the Music Workshop family –

we encourage you to invite other music teachers to discover our program!
Share our page, our site, our newsletter or our story with fellow music teachers.

In partnership with music teachers,
we are dedicated to getting inspiring music education to all students.

Music is for Everyone!” -Amy & Amy

Incredible News! Music Workshop has been made a partner 
in the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition!
The GRAMMY Music Education Coalition is a revolutionary collective of the most forward-thinking music education organizations, academics, philanthropists, school district arts leaders, artists, research and systems change experts. It was created to lead a collaborative movement toward universal participation in music education in public elementary schools and increased participation in secondary schools across America. The GRAMMY Music Education Coalition is committed to creating high quality, sustainable music education programs that foster comprehensive learning, creativity and empowerment among students by providing equal access in partnership with districts and city officials, principals, certified music teachers, school board representatives and local funders. 
We are so excited to work with this organization to 
bring music education to every student everywhere because – Music is for Everyone!
Idea for the Month
Music Workshop is a great way to relax and have fun on those post holiday concert days! Life is so busy and you have all worked so hard to make holiday concerts special for the students and their families. The students will love and appreciate a great Music Workshop course – some of our favorites – Pop Music, Musicals or Introduction to the Voice. Fun, easy and ready-to-go! Also, a Music Workshop course the perfect solution for the short weeks around the holidays. 
Our Next Course
There are so many fascinating and inspirational things to learn about Latin Music. We are so excited that it will be our next course in our Culture Series. We are visiting all the countries in our imagination and piecing together how to best present them to your students so they can experience the vibrancy and diversity of Latin Music.
How You Can Help
Remember to let your fellow teachers know about Music Workshop in this busy holiday season. It is a ready-to-go lesson plan when you need it: post concert days, short holiday weeks and during cold/flu season. Help out your fellow teachers by spreading the word – Music Workshop is here to help!! 
Facebook: @musicworkshopedu  Instagram: @musicworkshopedu  Twitter: musicworkshopED
Music Workshop Superstar
Thank you for the Recommendation on Facebook! We are flattered and thankful and it helps let other music teachers know about our program!
Music Workshop Fun Fact
We had a wonderful night at Portland Monthly Magazines “Light a Fire” Awards where Music Workshop was awarded the Inspiring Creativity Award. It was an honor to be a part of this amazing community of people dedicated to giving back and making a difference.
Music Workshop wishes you a musical holiday season!
   – Amy & Amy
Don’t tell Amy, but I had to include a picture of her from our Inspire Bash Fundraising Dinner – 
It is a dressup affair and she and her husband went as the Maestro and Maestro Girl!
We had an amazing time at our annual fundraiser – the Inspire Bash! 
We danced and partied to raise money for music education.
Idea for the Month
November is Native American Heritage Month and our newest course, Native American Traditional Music, is ready to go. It is an exploration of the original music makers full of big sounds, handmade instruments and amazing musicians. Learn about the twelve regions of Native American Tribes (or Nations) and experience different Native American instruments like drums, rattles, rasps, flutes and vocals. A Music Workshop course is a perfect solution for the short weeks around the holidays. 
Our Next Course
Part of our Inspire Bash was a paddle raise specifically designated to fund our next course – Latinx Music. As the newest addition to our Culture Series we will look at the vibrant and diverse music of Latin America. Latin American music encompasses a wide variety of styles such as bossa nova, merengue, rumba, salsa and tango. We will learn about these styles and their influences and the many instruments common to Latin American music including La Marimba, a percussion instrument from Central America. We are just getting started and it is very exciting.
How You Can Help
A big thank you to those teachers who sent us student feedback forms – our donors love hearing straight from the students about how much they love Music Workshop.
Remember to let your fellow teachers know about Music Workshop in this busy holiday season. It is a ready-to-go lesson plan when you need it: post concert days, short holiday weeks and during cold/flu season. Help out your fellow teachers by spreading the word – Music Workshop is here to help!! 
Facebook: @musicworkshopedu  Instagram: @musicworkshopedu  Twitter: musicworkshopED
Music Workshop Superstar
We would like to give a special Music Workshop shout out to Poison Waters – our Inspire Bash Emcee. She made the night special with her musical act and cheeky wit. Poison navigated us through the night and brought everyone together to support music education with their monetary donations. (Plus – she is fabulous!) We cannot thank her enough!
Music Workshop Fun Fact
We created a video for our fundraiser to help share our story with our donors and friends. It is a look not only at how the program works, but how we got started and how far we have come in the last few years. Click here to watch Music Workshop’s Story 2019 video
Thank you all for the wonderful support of Music Workshop! 
We are feeling inspired and grateful!!   – Amy & Amy

It’s HERE! Our new course…

Native American Traditional Music

Launched Today! Native American Traditional Music

The Native American Traditional Music course is an exploration of some of the original music makers. Full of big sounds, handmade instruments and amazing musicians, Native American Traditional Music is used in ceremonies, storytelling, healing and much more. We will learn about music from the twelve regions of Native American Tribes (or Nations). Students will experience many different Native American instruments like drums, rattles, rasps, flutes and vocals. Our Fun Facts in this course feature exciting introductions to Pow Wows and the Native American Music Awards. Sign on and download it today! Link to login page (please see information below to update your account if you have not been on the site since the platform update in August).

Idea for the Month

Have you checked out the new user platform yet? 

If you have not activated your account, please click this link to reset your password and update your information.  You will need to reset your password when you sign in for the first time. Your username is now your email address.

All courses have been UPDATED! Included in the new look and feel of the user platform are updated courses and materials. It is very important that you have the most up-to-date materials to share with your students. Please download all course materials anew from the site this year – even if you saved them from last year. Every document – Q&A, Soundbites, etc – has been reviewed and updated.

Per our commitment to you, our program will continue to be completely free of charge – Music is for Everyone! Thank you and we hope these new upgrades/updates will be a great improvement to your Music Workshop experience.

How You Can Help

We are currently gearing up for our annual fundraiser – a dinner/dance party called the Inspire Bash. It is an amazing, fun, inspiring night where we get to dress up as our musical inspiration, dance and show support for music education. We need your help to share our story with our generous donors! Your stories are vital to the success of Music Workshop. Attached to this email you will find a Feedback Form for your students. We would love to have as many of your students as possible to fill out this form. We attach their feedback forms as thank you notes for our donors. They love to see how the students feel, think and are inspired by Music Workshop. You can scan them and email to me at amyh@musicworkshopedu.org, please send no later than October 18th. And here is the best part… we want to thank you back! Send in Feedback Forms from the students and we will send you a $25 Amazon e-gift card.

Music Workshop Superstar

We knew that Native American Traditional Music was such an important course that we need to call in special help and advisers. We were lucky enough to find two people perfect for the role. They helped us every step of the way with advising, guiding and reviewing the development of this course. We are so grateful to their invaluable contribution.  A big thank you to our cultural advisers – Dr. Cornel Pewewardy (Comanche/Kiowa), Professor Emeritus of Indigenous Studies Portland State University and Bobby Mercier, Cultural Adviser for the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.

Music Workshop Fun Fact

Did you know? Our Maestro Girl is voiced by a Music Workshop student! Our darling friend, Melanie, is an 8th grader in the Beaverton School District. She began learning with the Music Workshop program from the start, in 2013. Melanie became the voice of our Maestro Girl when she was created in 2017. She is so very talented and amazing – we love having her as part of the Music Workshop family!

Music Workshop Teachers – we can’t wait for you to check out Native American Traditional Music course – it’s so inspirational! Looking forward to hearing what you think too…

-Your Music Workshop Team – Amy Richter & Amy Hall

Inspire Bash 2019

November 2, 2019 | Multnomah Athletic Club

Inspire Bash 2019

Click HERE to Buy Tickets Now!

Who or what has inspired you musically? Come dressed as your musical inspiration!

“Inspire Bash” is Music Workshop’s annual fundraiser. This event features a spectacular dinner, costume and dance party. It takes place at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland, Oregon on November 2, 2019 at 6pm. Kicking off the event is a cocktail hour followed by a sit down dinner, featuring complimentary beer, wine and delicious food. At 8pm, there will be a costume contest followed by a dance party. My Happy Pill will perform musical hits from all genres and eras. In addition to music, there will be a raffle, Board of Inspiration (our version of a paddle raise) and live photo booth. Emceed by Poison Waters, this event will prove to be the most exciting and inspirational fundraiser of the year!