Summer break from school gives us the chance to prioritize different types of projects – which is so exciting! We currently are working closely with one of our Music Workshop Board Members, who is an amazing music teacher and jazz saxophonist, on adding new and inspiring extension activities to the program. We can’t wait to share this exciting new content with you. We will have an update in our August Newsletter with details on our new offerings.


June is Black Music Month
Want to know more?

Those last weeks of school…
If you are still in school (like our kids), this is a reminder that a Music Workshop lesson is the PERFECT plan for those last, rowdy weeks of school. Our fun, engaging and inspiring courses are ready-to-go and sure to entertain (and educate). Our Pop Music and Musicals courses are crowd pleasers! Sign on and download today!

Coming Soon –
Traditional Music from the continent of Africa

We have been working hard on our Music from the continent of Africa courses – there are two – Traditional and Contemporary. We’ll be honest, these courses took longer than we forecasted. There was just so much incredible music, rich history and incredible culture to highlight. Additionally, part of our small, but mighty, team had medical issues. We are striving on! Our course on Traditional music from Africa will be ready to launch in the coming weeks as we add the finishing touches. If you tuned into Inspire Live you got to see previews – segments on polyphonic drums & melodies, the amazing instrument called the Nyatiti and a fun fact about Gumboot. The other Music from Africa course – Contemporary – is planned for completion toward the end of summer. Our plan is to have both courses on music from the continent of Africa launched by the time school starts in the fall. We’ll keep you posted!


Mark your calendars for May 23rd at 5pm PST to attend the Inspire Live Virtual Launch Party celebrating our newest courses in our Culture Series – Music from Africa.

RSVP today for this hour-long, free, virtual and family friendly event!

There will be performances, previews of the courses and messages from Music Workshop and our contributors. We will also be fundraising for our upcoming courses on the music of Asia. Come and enjoy the joyful sounds of African music filling the air!

Remember to invite your students and their families to enjoy the musical celebration.
This event is fun for friends, teachers, families – everyone who loves music!


Jazz Appreciation Month

April is Jazz Appreciation Month – you may notice our Jazz course is now “Under Construction”. Darn! In taking a critical eye to our courses, we determined that Jazz needed some updates that couldn’t wait. We are expecting that the course will be ready for release in mid-April. Please contact us if you need access to the resources before then – we are happy to make arrangements. Thank you!

It’s Women’s History Month!

You’ll find amazing women in all our courses. We strive to include a variety of artists throughout the Music Workshop program.

Check out these incredible artists featured in Music Workshop courses!

Keiko Abe, Patsy Cline, Mon Laferte, Jennifer Lopez , Etta James, Natalie Lafourcade, Patti LaBelle, Mitsuko Uchida, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Janis Joplin just to name a few!

February is Black History Month

If you are looking for a great lesson for Black History Month check out: Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Birth of Rock n’ Roll.

Our rich musical lives would not be the same without these incredible genres and musicians.

Music Workshop & National Music Education Standards

There is a new addition to our website – documents that highlight how our program aligns with Music Education Standards. We are pleased to provide you with these additional resources to demonstrate how Music Workshop courses are standards-based and promote cross-curricular learning for students.

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Happy Holidays!

November is Native American Heritage Month

Looking for a lesson for Native American Heritage Month? Music Workshop’s Native American Traditional Music is a great option! Full of big sounds, handmade instruments and amazing musicians, Native American Traditional Music is used in ceremonies, storytelling, healing and much more. Your students will love learning about the beautiful sounds of Native American instruments and music.

Inspire Live was magical!

We want to thank all our sponsors, donors and participants who tuned in to experience the performances, learn more about our program and help support our next courses exploring the music of Africa!