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Take an in-depth look at: Introduction to Brass.

In this introduction to what makes Brass instruments Brass (hint… it’s not what material they are made of…) the students will learn about the features and instruments of the Brass family. The lesson begins with the basics of the different parts of a brass instrument, including the ‘bore’ and ‘bell’, students learn about the difference between “cylindrical’ and ‘conical’ bores and how the bore affects the sounds of the instrument. The properties of valved and slide instruments are explained. Then it is time to see the different instruments beginning with the large and medium sized Brass instruments. The journey continues with the smaller Brass instruments. Everything is brought together with the final segment, “Brass Instruments in Contemporary Music”. Students will see all kinds of brass instruments in action including marching bands and The Dirty Catfish Band playing a cover of Taylor Swift’s, “Shake it Off”.

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