COURSE: LATIN AMERICAN & CARIBBEAN MUSIC – Mexico, Caribbean and Central America

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Take an in-depth look at: Latin American Music – Mexico, Caribbean and Central America

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In this two-part lesson, the students are exposed to the vibrant and varied musical styles of countries throughout Latin America. Learning about Latin American music’s unique genres and instruments, students dive into the history and influences that created each country’s diverse styles of music. The Latin American courses begin with Part One that focuses on music from Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. We highlight Mariachi and Ranchera in Mexico, the Mambo and Cha Cha Cha in Cuba and the feel-good sounds of Reggae in Jamaica. This exploration includes seeing new instruments like the vihuela, guitarrón, maracas, congas and bongos. We continue in the Dominican Republic with Merengue and Bachata and in Puerto Rico with Bomba, Plena and Reggaeton. The Fun Fact from this course is an introduction to the religious holiday, the Day of the Dead with its strong musical traditions. Finally, we demonstrate Calypso and Sola from Trinidad & Tobago, Tamborito from Panama and Brukdown from Belize with their unique instruments like the steel pan drum and a donkeys’ jawbone.

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