Music Workshop Extension Activities

Ideas for incorporating extension activities into your classroom:

  • Combine with Music Workshop video and Q&A to extend the learning on a chosen topic or assess the student’s knowledge
  • Use to supplement the Music Workshop lesson when you have a substitute teacher
  • Review the Music Workshop lesson taught in the class periods after the sub
  • Extend the Music Workshop lesson to cover several class periods
  • Create a unit by combining multiple Music Workshop lessons and extension activities.
    E.g Sections of the Orchestra
  • Use the One Pager as an assessment at the conclusion of a unit

One Pager

The One Pager is a demonstration and extension of what the students learned during the Music Workshop lesson. It can also serve as an assessment.

Grade K-2 One Pager

Grade 3-5 One Pager

Grade 6-8 One Pager

Listening Activities

Students are asked to engage with a piece of music to interpret and make connections between the music and their own lives.

Grade K-2 Listening Activities

Grade 3-5 Listening Activities

Grade 6-8 Listening Activities

Art. Movement. Games

Additional games and activities

Draw the Mood

More coming soon…