Newsletter: August 2021

Music Workshop is designed to be a flexible, interactive and valuable resource in your music classroom. We strive to bring current, relevant and culturally responsive music education resources to you and your students. As back-to-school begins, we would like to take a moment to highlight the many ways you can utilize Music Workshop as a valued resource to support your music curriculum this year.

How to use Music Workshop in your curriculum

  • Kick off a new unit with a Music Workshop lesson as your overview of the topic. Our friend Beth in Texas does this with our Jazz lesson – it is the kick off to her two week unit.
  • Create a unit with multiple courses and extension activities. Create a unit of the Sections of the Orchestra with our courses on Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion. Include some of the new extension activities that we are adding to the program or create your own to form a multi-day/week unit.
  • Bring culturally responsive music education to your students
  • Music Workshop is a great, ready-to-go lesson for a sub – for either musical or non-musical substitute teachers.

Why Music Workshop?

  • Music Workshop lessons are culturally responsive, relevant and high-quality.
  • Our resources are vetted by educators, ethnomusicologists and cultural advisors. You can feel secure with the resources provided.
  • Guaranteed music history & appreciation resources that are aligned with National Music and Humanities Standards
  • Save time on the internet – we have brought the exciting and inspiring clips together in one place without having to spend hours searching for appropriate content.
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