Newsletter: December 2019

Incredible News! Music Workshop has been made a partner 
in the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition!
The GRAMMY Music Education Coalition is a revolutionary collective of the most forward-thinking music education organizations, academics, philanthropists, school district arts leaders, artists, research and systems change experts. It was created to lead a collaborative movement toward universal participation in music education in public elementary schools and increased participation in secondary schools across America. The GRAMMY Music Education Coalition is committed to creating high quality, sustainable music education programs that foster comprehensive learning, creativity and empowerment among students by providing equal access in partnership with districts and city officials, principals, certified music teachers, school board representatives and local funders. 
We are so excited to work with this organization to 
bring music education to every student everywhere because – Music is for Everyone!
Idea for the Month
Music Workshop is a great way to relax and have fun on those post holiday concert days! Life is so busy and you have all worked so hard to make holiday concerts special for the students and their families. The students will love and appreciate a great Music Workshop course – some of our favorites – Pop Music, Musicals or Introduction to the Voice. Fun, easy and ready-to-go! Also, a Music Workshop course the perfect solution for the short weeks around the holidays. 
Our Next Course
There are so many fascinating and inspirational things to learn about Latin Music. We are so excited that it will be our next course in our Culture Series. We are visiting all the countries in our imagination and piecing together how to best present them to your students so they can experience the vibrancy and diversity of Latin Music.
How You Can Help
Remember to let your fellow teachers know about Music Workshop in this busy holiday season. It is a ready-to-go lesson plan when you need it: post concert days, short holiday weeks and during cold/flu season. Help out your fellow teachers by spreading the word – Music Workshop is here to help!! 
Facebook: @musicworkshopedu  Instagram: @musicworkshopedu  Twitter: musicworkshopED
Music Workshop Superstar
Thank you for the Recommendation on Facebook! We are flattered and thankful and it helps let other music teachers know about our program!
Music Workshop Fun Fact
We had a wonderful night at Portland Monthly Magazines “Light a Fire” Awards where Music Workshop was awarded the Inspiring Creativity Award. It was an honor to be a part of this amazing community of people dedicated to giving back and making a difference.
Music Workshop wishes you a musical holiday season!
   – Amy & Amy
Don’t tell Amy, but I had to include a picture of her from our Inspire Bash Fundraising Dinner – 
It is a dressup affair and she and her husband went as the Maestro and Maestro Girl!
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