Newsletter: February 2020

February is Black History Month

If you are looking for a great lesson for Black History Month check out:
Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Birth of Rock n’ Roll.

Our rich musical lives would not be the same without these
incredible genres and musicians.
Music is for Everyone!

Music in Life Lesson

This month we wanted to share thoughts on why the Music in Life Lesson is such an important part of the Music Workshop program. In fact, it is one of the most important elements of the Music Workshop program.

Active listening, listening with intent and no distractions, is an important component in learning, life and a valuable “soft skill” like problem solving, leadership or teamwork. Like any skill, it takes practice and effort, and music class is a great place to teach this to students. Active listening to music is key to being a better musician, producer or music composer. It also increases our enjoyment of music.

Young students today live in a world of visuals and screens that we could not have even comprehended. Taking a moment during all the information of a Music Workshop course to quietly and purposefully engage with what the music makes you feel, think and experience is vital to understanding that music is a profoundly personal experience.

An added bonus for this activity? There is no right or wrong answer to questions such as “What color did the song make you think of?” and that allows EVERY child to answer and share without feeling anxious about being correct. I find it to be the best way to get the students who rarely, if ever, talk in class to speak up.

I hope we can help the students embrace the Music in Life lesson –
good luck and have fun!

A big THANK YOU to Kathleen Theisen in Connecticut! She sang our praises in a Facebook Group and we raked in an astounding 200 schools over a weekend. Amazing! We were so pleased we sent her a $50 Amazon gift card as a thanks.
You are a rock star, Kathleen!

Grammy Education Coalition

Did you see us in their newsletter and social media? We got to talk with them about inspiring students through innovative music education. Check it out!

We were honored to be a part of Teaching Music Magazine from NafMe. Help us spread the word about Music Workshop to teachers everywhere!
Music is for Everyone – and so is Music Workshop!


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