Newsletter: June 2021

June is Black Music Month
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Those last weeks of school…
If you are still in school (like our kids), this is a reminder that a Music Workshop lesson is the PERFECT plan for those last, rowdy weeks of school. Our fun, engaging and inspiring courses are ready-to-go and sure to entertain (and educate). Our Pop Music and Musicals courses are crowd pleasers! Sign on and download today!

Coming Soon –
Traditional Music from the continent of Africa

We have been working hard on our Music from the continent of Africa courses – there are two – Traditional and Contemporary. We’ll be honest, these courses took longer than we forecasted. There was just so much incredible music, rich history and incredible culture to highlight. Additionally, part of our small, but mighty, team had medical issues. We are striving on! Our course on Traditional music from Africa will be ready to launch in the coming weeks as we add the finishing touches. If you tuned into Inspire Live you got to see previews – segments on polyphonic drums & melodies, the amazing instrument called the Nyatiti and a fun fact about Gumboot. The other Music from Africa course – Contemporary – is planned for completion toward the end of summer. Our plan is to have both courses on music from the continent of Africa launched by the time school starts in the fall. We’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Daniel Jenkins Academy
    Daniel Jenkins Academy says:

    I can’t wait for this course to be available. Super excited to show it to my students!

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