Newsletter: November 2019

We had an amazing time at our annual fundraiser – the Inspire Bash! 
We danced and partied to raise money for music education.
Idea for the Month
November is Native American Heritage Month and our newest course, Native American Traditional Music, is ready to go. It is an exploration of the original music makers full of big sounds, handmade instruments and amazing musicians. Learn about the twelve regions of Native American Tribes (or Nations) and experience different Native American instruments like drums, rattles, rasps, flutes and vocals. A Music Workshop course is a perfect solution for the short weeks around the holidays. 
Our Next Course
Part of our Inspire Bash was a paddle raise specifically designated to fund our next course – Latinx Music. As the newest addition to our Culture Series we will look at the vibrant and diverse music of Latin America. Latin American music encompasses a wide variety of styles such as bossa nova, merengue, rumba, salsa and tango. We will learn about these styles and their influences and the many instruments common to Latin American music including La Marimba, a percussion instrument from Central America. We are just getting started and it is very exciting.
How You Can Help
A big thank you to those teachers who sent us student feedback forms – our donors love hearing straight from the students about how much they love Music Workshop.
Remember to let your fellow teachers know about Music Workshop in this busy holiday season. It is a ready-to-go lesson plan when you need it: post concert days, short holiday weeks and during cold/flu season. Help out your fellow teachers by spreading the word – Music Workshop is here to help!! 
Facebook: @musicworkshopedu  Instagram: @musicworkshopedu  Twitter: musicworkshopED
Music Workshop Superstar
We would like to give a special Music Workshop shout out to Poison Waters – our Inspire Bash Emcee. She made the night special with her musical act and cheeky wit. Poison navigated us through the night and brought everyone together to support music education with their monetary donations. (Plus – she is fabulous!) We cannot thank her enough!
Music Workshop Fun Fact
We created a video for our fundraiser to help share our story with our donors and friends. It is a look not only at how the program works, but how we got started and how far we have come in the last few years. Click here to watch Music Workshop’s Story 2019 video
Thank you all for the wonderful support of Music Workshop! 
We are feeling inspired and grateful!!   – Amy & Amy
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